Episode 26 Samantha and Emily

February 17, 2019

Samantha & Emily Yanosik were our guests today and a lot of fun to interview. Fun and informative, you won't be disappointed.

Emily is in the play Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Samantha is the stage manager.

Episode 25 with Karen Huntley

February 16, 2019

Karen Huntley, local actor, singer, mother and wife that is one of our favorites to talk to.

Karen talks about her past, present and future endeavors in not only theater and music, but in business as well. That's right, she is a business woman and knowing her as we do, we know that she will be going places!

Have a listen and get to know this awesome lady! Justin may or may not have had a lot of coffee to drink, so be warned.

There were so many #hashtag references today, we couldn't' keep up writing them down :)

Episode 24 Bonnie Brown from WAMF

February 2, 2019

Bonnie Brown is the PResident of the Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival (WAMF), and she joined us today to tell us about the upcoming festival on June 22, what to expect and maybe even who to expect. She couldn't give it all away. Gotta save some surprises for the day of....

Episode 23 - With Marlene Schoonmaker

January 26, 2019

Marlene Schoonmaker is our first guest and she is a very important part of the success of the Manluk Theatre's live plays both past and upcoming. We asked her to talk about herself, her past directing experiences, and her recent upcoming play "Evita". Another one that will fill the seats!!!

We chose Marlene and asked her to be our first video guest because of who she is and what she has done to help community theatre. She expects a lot from her actors and she gets it. You'll want to work with her in future plays :)

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Please excuse the video quality. We had some unexpected challenges that happened the day of recording, but we promise it will be better in the future. Thanks for being a good sport Marlene!

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Episode 22 - Chris Day One Carlson & Joshua Alexander

October 19, 2018

Two extremely talented artists and are getting more notariety all the time. Joshua is a returning guest from episode 2 and this is Chris' first interview with us. This fresh off the previous nights event called the Taste of Wetaskiwin in which they were part of 5 local artists that started and finished art and then it was acutioned off at the end of the night. Both did extremely well!

Episode 21 - Carmen & Karen

October 19, 2018

Carmen and Karen were our guests today that certainly brought their own pizzaz to the show. They were co-hosting as MC's of the local annual Loonstock Music Festival. Check it out!

Episode 20 - Millet Firefly Festival Interviews

October 19, 2018

Dale and Justin interviewed a few of the acts that took place in this worthy festival. The acts included headliners Doc Walker 7 Shayne Yellowbird, along with many other talented local musicians. Depression is no joke, so this was a great event to be part of and help spread the word. Have a listen to the diverse interviews and if oyu get the chance please search on Facebook and Youtube for this annual festival in Millet, AB, Canada.

Episode 19 - Mackenzie Fischer Bach

October 19, 2018

Mackenzie is another talented local musician. Great vocals and guitar player with her own unique sound. Check it out as she sings a song for us all.

Episode 18 - WAMF Interviews

October 19, 2018

In this episode, Dale took to the Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival as it was happening and did some interviews with a few of the artists that were on hand.

Episode 17 - Maria Maria

October 19, 2018

Maria is a local artist that is very talented in her craft. She does mainly sculpting but also delves into other arts such as oil and acrylic painting.